Most Popular Questions:

What does ClosetGo do?

ClosetGo provides the simplest, quickest and most cost effective way for you to have more room in your home. With ClosetGo, have your things when you want them, not when you don't.

How does ClosetGo work?

At your convenience, we will deliver an empty full-sized portable closet in a specially designed vehicle to your doorstep. While your ClosetGo remains safely secured in our truck, you merely fill it up. When you're finished, lock it and wave goodbye! It's that easy. Whenever you need to add or retrieve something, use our online scheduler to pick a date and time that works for you and we'll redeliver your ClosetGo.

How do I sign up and how long will it take?

Download our free app (or visit us online at closetgo.com) and schedule a delivery of a ClosetGo in minutes. Do this anytime and anywhere, 24/7.

Why did you invent ClosetGo?

We wanted to come up with the best solution to a problem that affects everyone – not having enough room.
ClosetGo combines "on-the-go" and "on demand" technology with top-notch customer service. Every feature of ClosetGo is meant to maximize your convenience.

How much does ClosetGo cost?

Only $69 per month. The first round-trip delivery of every ClosetGo is totally free! Thereafter, whenever you need a redelivery, each round-trip delivery starts at only $9. There are no additional "hidden" charges such as an administrative fee or a security deposit.

How big is a ClosetGo and what can fit inside?

Each ClosetGo is over 5 feet tall, 3 ½ feet wide and 3 ½ feet deep. That's a roomy 66 cubic feet! These dimensions approximate the width and depth of an average apartment closet. The list of what can fit is virtually endless. Think of skis, bikes, strollers, beach equipment, golf clubs and your kid's summer camp duffle bags just to name a few. And of course – lots of boxes!

How is a ClosetGo constructed?

Every ClosetGo is individually constructed with heavy-gauge steel and can hold up to 7,000 pounds of your stuff - there is nothing soft or pliable about our closets.

How is my stuff kept safe?

Your ClosetGo is brought to one of our secure warehouses and kept under our watchful eyes and video surveillance . Since you keep the key to your locked ClosetGo, nobody but you has access to your belongings. What you put in your ClosetGo stays in your ClosetGo! While in transport, your ClosetGo is tied down to the floor to prevent any sudden movement.

Is there a way for me to keep track of what is in my ClosetGo?

Of course! Use our online inventory feature once you've created an account. Here you can keep track of everything inside your ClosetGo. If you have more than one ClosetGo, you can even give each a name, such as "Winter Stuff" or "Children's Items" .


Additional Features/Benefits:

Can I purchase packing supplies and a lock?

Yes – when you first reserve your ClosetGo. We will then bring the items to you when we deliver your ClosetGo. Of course, give us a call if you would like a delivery prior to your ClosetGo delivery date.

Are there any other features I should know about?

Yes - every ClosetGo has an individual light attached to the ceiling. At your option, you can also order sturdy shelves and hanging bars that fit perfectly inside each ClosetGo. Each is only $3 per month.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely. In our opinion, the gift of extra room to a loved one is truly a great (and unique) gift.


Pick-Up and Delivery:

How do I know if you currently serve my neighborhood?

Enter your zip code in the "Order Now" bar to instantly see if we are in your area. If we're not, be sure to provide us with your email and zip code and we will let you know as soon as we can serve you.

Can I have my doorman or another third party load or unload my ClosetGo?

Definitely. This is no different than having your doorman accept packages for you. Just be sure to leave your ClosetGo key with them.

What days and times are deliveries available?

We deliver 6 days a week and are closed on Mondays and major holidays. Tuesday through Thursday we make deliveries between 1 pm and 9 pm; on Friday through Sunday, our delivery times are 8 am to 4 pm. You can schedule a delivery up to one month in advance.

Will you contact me when you are on the way?

Yes – via email the day before your scheduled appointment. In addition, you will receive a text or call when your driver is on the way to you. Just be sure to answer the text or call and please be ready when we arrive.

How long does it take to get my stuff back?

In almost all cases, we can redeliver your ClosetGo in as little as 24 hours - as long as there are available delivery times. Of course, if you really are in a time crunch call us and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Can I visit my ClosetGo at your warehouse?

Absolutely! Merely call us and make an appointment. Once you arrive, you will be provided with a private room where your ClosetGo will be brought for your convenience . It's similar to having a safe deposit box in a bank.

How long will you wait while I pack my ClosetGo?

Upon delivery, our drivers will wait and help you (if you'd like) for up to 30 minutes while you load/unload your ClosetGo.

Can you deliver my ClosetGo to a different address?

Definitely - as long as it is in one of our service areas.

Can I cancel a delivery?

Of course. To do so, please email us at cancellation@closetgo.com. If you do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled delivery time there will be no fee. Thereafter, the redelivery fee becomes non-refundable.


Payment and Billing:

What forms of payment do you take?

For your convenience we only accept credit/debit cards through our secure payment portal.

When will I be charged?

Initially, your card will be charged on the day of your scheduled delivery. The charge will only reflect the remaining days in that month. Thereafter, we will automatically charge your card for a full month on the first day of each month. There are no bills to open, no checks to send and no late fees to pay.

How do I update my billing and contact information?

Login to your ClosetGo account from any device to make any changes to your billing or contact information. You can click here to access and manage your account now.

When the time comes, how do I cancel?

Schedule a redelivery of your ClosetGo and remove all of your stuff and your lock. Let our driver know at that time that you no longer need the ClosetGo and we will close your account.


We offer optional insurance that you can elect to purchase when you reserve your ClosetGo. The cost is only $8 per month for $2,000 of coverage.

What can't I store with ClosetGo?

You cannot store perishable items, explosives/flammables, hazardous materials, or any illegal substances.

Can you take items that don't fit into a ClosetGo?

If it can't fit into an empty ClosetGo, then unfortunately we cannot. Of course there is nothing stopping you from ordering multiple ClosetGos!